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"In a decaying society, Art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, Art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it."

- Ernst Fischer

mQube is a dream...

a dream to bring creativity and innovation in entertainment spectrum, while redefining the role of media itself. mQube, literary, stands for Music x Media x Maestro, and is a quest for Innovation and Excellence in Music, Media and Entertainment. By various ideas, concepts and avenues that will bring Synergy in our efforts, we aim to achieve this dream.

We at mQube love art, but we are also conscious of the prevailing social issues and the failing state of our civilization. Thus, while thriving in the entertainment scene, our prime objective, and incentive, for being in the media is to help bring the much needed global social change.

It is our sincere wish to spread awareness about the current state of human civilization through our actions, and how our civilization might fail to thrive in the absence of important and critical actions, actions which shall bring us in balance with nature. We believe that humanity has reached a crucial point of its own history, and moving forward is sustainable only through a holistic change in the way our world functions today. We need change, within and outside.

In confirming our sustainability values, we fully support the ideas presented and spread by The Zeitgeist Movement, the concept of Resource Based Economy and its achievable prototype and one of the best solutions known to us - The Venus Project. One may get active and start learning through these and other initiatives, or get in touch with us to know more and to help us bring the change.

If you need any professional media related service for your requirements, have a look at the Services we offer or Contact Us with your queries.

A brief histoy of time (at mQube):

  • 2013
    • New music talent imperfact joins mQube Records.
    • We now seek venues for screenings and performances.
  • 2012
    • mQube joins hands with Garvi Gujarat Productions to provide music for their various project initiatives.
    • mQube provides music for Shikaar, a movie by Garvi Gujarat Productions.
    • mQube ties up with SectionZ Records to include music by Savant, along with UK Artist Eko Centrik, to feature their music in the movie as well as in the music album!
    • RokZRooM at mQube, directs music, background score, foley and sound designing for the Shikaar movie, finishing the project in a very short time-span of under 20 days!
    • mQube Records releases Shikaar, a music album by RokZRooM, featuring several soundstracks from the Shikaar movie and many additional music tracks.
  • 2011
    • Hamsta Production, Australia, affiliates with us as a preferred partner for their music needs.
    • mQube hybernates for some months.
  • Circa 2009-2010:
    • Did first project internationally for Rebrand Pakistan concept. Some more international projects later, our dream strengthened.
    • mQube officially registered as TradeMark / Copyright.
    • Started focusing on A&R under mQube records, with founding / initial artists : RokZRooM, GoonJ, AnMA.
    • With one of our major client works for UNIQUE, we went national by composing original music in 4 different languages in 2 styles. Renowned singers from bollywood participated in this project with us, helping us make it0 a huge success, turning out to be a crucial milestone in our journey.
  • Circa 2005-2009:
    • The founder of mQube, Ronak R., began exploring the new emerging horizons of media. His personal interest in music and entertainment, coupled with extensive research - both secondary and primary - gave birth to the dream: mQube. Ronak R., founder of mQube, leaves his fulltime job in IT to turn this the dream into reality. Hard days follow till the end of 2009.

Founder / Director / Music Director: Ronak R. aka RokZRooM

Creative Director / Visual Media Head: Akshat Tiwari (iMDB Profile)

Creative Director: Saumil Shah

Affiliates, Artists, Active Supporters and Well-Wishers:

Parag Delwadia, Shrey Shah, Ankush Verma, Saurin Suthar, Bageshree Shah, Shannon McGill (Owner, SectionZ Records), Martin Lotz, Sahar Dobel, imperfact (anonymous artist), Himali Vyas, Parth Oza

In addition to the Services we provide, there are other concepts that we have keen interest in. These concepts cover our interst in social changes that we wish to help bring about. You may find out more about each by checking the links below:

infin8 Living Through Music The Event Horizon


infin8 (infinite) is our attempt to spread awareness in the society and generate desire of taking action at individual level by use of media as a tool.

Living Through Music

LTM aims at spreading knowledge of music through presentations, seminars, extensive workshops and other means for those who wish to make career in music.

The Event Horizon

The battle-field for all our ideas, The Event Horizon aims to freeze special moments by making a unique experience out of it, and thus turning them into unforgettable momories.



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