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Shikaar - A Suspense Thriller : A Modern Gujarati Movie :: Shikaar [Garvi Gujarat Productions ]


Garvi Gujarat Productions (GGP) approached mQube to provide background music, original soundtracks, sound designing and foley for its first movie project Shikaar, a modern Gujarati movie with a Suspense / Thriller theme, in the year 2012. With a short deadline of 15 days, mQube accepted the challenge and worked upto 16 hours a day to meet the deadline, while maintaining the quality demanded by the movie.

With the help of our friendly international connections and tie-ups, we delivered most of the background music as the movie demanded, not only exceeding Gujarati movie industry's music standards, but also involving international talent, with the help of SectionZ Records.

As a result, with its release on October 12th, 2012, Shikaar turned out to be the first Gujarati movie with music/songs from several international artists including Savant from Norway, Eko Centrik from U.K. and RokZRooM from India; offering music / songs in Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and English languages. Listen the background music and music album demos below, or buy the full music album featuring full songs, extra music by RokZRooM and more!

Note: The background music for the movie was a Work-For-Hire project, however it includes several songs / samples / unreleased material from mQube Records. The music album, Shikaar, is a separate project by RokZRooM, all the rights of which are reserved by mQube Records. You can listen / purchase the music album Shikaar from here!



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