mQube Records, mQube's A & R initiative, discovers and nurtures talented artists and bring them in the scene.

As of December, 2012, we have following artists affiliated to mQube Records.

RokZRooM : A one man band of the founder Ronak R., who composes and performs across genres under this alias.

GoonJ : Ahmedabad based band who are mostly into composition of original music in Vernacular language with a hint of western music. The members include Ronak R., Saumil Shah, Parag Delwadia and Shrey Shah.

AnMA : Artist alias for mQube's dance music maestro Ankush Verma, who specializes in club hits.

imperfact: An anonymous artist who will release officially with mQube Records in the year 2012.

PaRaag : A solo artist alias for Parag Delwadia.


mQube Creatives : Providing Music as a Service.


Through mQube Creatives, we provide music and other audio services for the needs of our corporate clientele. Carefully considering client requirements, we choose artists from our own affiliations or from industry, come out with distrinctly unique and yet precisely accureate aural representation for the requirement.

We also help cortporates arrange their special events, turning them into one of its kind memorable experience.

  Original Compositions Music Mastering Remix / Remakes Jingles / Tunes


mQube ReFeel : Subscription based music service for commercial music needs.

refeel mQube ReFeel experiments with music on regular basis, and constantly comes up with fresh music, making it available to subscribers with easy to acquire and use license terms. The variety of plans makes sure that subscribers can get the best music for their need at an affordable price and on a suitable term.


Parag Delwadia, Shrey Shah, Ankush Verma, Saurin Suthar, Bageshree Shah, Shannon McGill (Owner, SectionZ Records), Martin Lotz, Sahar Dobel, imperfact (anonymous artist), Himali Vyas, Parth Oza